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Rubber Eggs


Dan McAlees

How much vinegar is needed to make an egg bounce like a ball? Tried various vinegar and water concentrations to determine which is best to make an egg able to bounce. Ranging from all water - 3/4 water + 1/4 vinegar -1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar - 1/4 water + 3/4 vinegar and all vinegar.

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3 thoughts on “Rubber Eggs

  1. Congratulations on submitting a creative science fair project!

    I hope you learned something and found the process fascinating – keep wondering!

  2. Your project examines how vinegar and water affects the consistency of raw eggs, and then tests to determine the strength of the modified eggs. This is a creative project with possible uses in food storage. It was smart to color code the eggs by their treatments, that way the data can be carefully analyzed without any mistakes.

  3. I tried this many times as a child and never succeeded. Awesome to see that. Perhaps we should’ve done different concentrations. What a fun experiment for all the students.

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