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Props to You! Let’s spread kindness through propagation

Plants and the Environment

Pam Barrett

The purpose of this project is to find out which plants grow the fastest and survive the longest in four different types of substrates (coir, sphagnum moss, paper towel with water, and soil). The plants that propagate successfully will be a gift to take home or gifted to someone else to help spread kindness and joy. After taking some leaves from classroom plants our teacher got as gifts from other students a couple of years ago (like succulents and pothos to propagate), we wondered if other plants could be propagated successfully in a short amount of time. The results of our experiment showed that the Snake Plant propagated the fastest and survived in all substrates. Additionally, 30 out of 40 plants continued to survive over the course of one month which included the Philodendrons, Lipstick plants, and spider plants

Project presentation

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One thought on “Props to You! Let’s spread kindness through propagation

  1. This experiment had an incredible sample size and I was really impressed by the journal, notes and progress explanation. I love that you all related this experiment that you read in class and brought to life. Also, using a 32 year old plant was a really cool aspect that I was not expecting. Great work!

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