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Future Innovator (Middle School Level), Award of Excellence, ASU Center For Carbon Emissions , 2023 Science Fair Award

Promising Pipe Power

Energy and Change
Ryan Boyle

Raina York

I engineered a hydroelectric generator, harnessing kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost to friction. After helping install a new pressure regulator, I noticed a flaw in the way water pressure is managed and saw the opportunity to promote a clean-energy solution. This project and prototype was a huge success, with the turbine generating 8.6 watts of clean electricity. By harnessing power that would otherwise be wasted, my project captures clean, green energy.

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2 thoughts on “Promising Pipe Power

  1. Excellent work with multiple prototypes. This is definitely the work of future engineers.

  2. What a great project! I have seen discussion of energy recovery in larger pipes in the distribution system but never at the household level. Great use of prototypes and CAD analysis. Nice work!

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