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Robin M. Cattler Innovation Excellence Award

Popin' Play

Applied Technology
Phynixx Aguilar

Angela Sieminski

This engineering project solves the problem of the lost controller. Every gamer has spent hours of their lives looking for the lost controller. The Popin' Play is a design the prevent that from happening. It is attached to a hard to lose iPad case. #engineering #gamer #edp #tech #videogames

Project presentation

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One thought on “Popin’ Play

  1. Great idea! Remotes for game consoles and TVs being lost is a common issue in everyone’s household! I would have loved to hear more about why the magnets didn’t meet the expectation. How did the controller location impact the ergonomics with respect to how the Ipad could be held?

    I hope that you are able to find some expandable clips that will help you work towards your next prototype and you find a successful final solution! Great job!

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