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Food and Nutrition
Sophia McGuire Navaeh Way

Amanda Jordan

Our real life interest that we had in this experiment was “If gelatin grows in water, what will happen when we use different kinds of water”. We learned that even though the water is the same, with different kinds of addings in it the water will have a very different effect on the gummy bears. Addings like salt and sugar might have a huge change on gummy bears, changes that regular water might not do. We aren’t sure if it will change anything, however salt might make the gelatin shrink while the regular water will make it enlarge. And the sugar is just for an extra to see if it might make a change, we think it will have the same effect as the regular water.ISE

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2 thoughts on “Osmosis

  1. Very interesting. Nice study design and results. Unique idea for an experiment.

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