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Old Seed, New Seed, Good Seed, Bad Seed

Plants and the Environment
Ethan Krone

Denise Cota-Rodriguez

I planted a garden with old seeds and nothing grew! I then planted new seeds and they grew much faster. I hypothesize that new seeds will grow faster than old seeds. I was right! The new seeds grew faster and there were more of them. I will use newer seeds from now on to grow my garden.

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One thought on “Old Seed, New Seed, Good Seed, Bad Seed

  1. What a great question to explore about old and new seeds! I was wondering if I should get new seeds this year and now I have some evidence for buying new seeds. I like how you designed and carried out your experiment and how patient you had to be to get your results. That is definitely a sign of a good scientist – someone who can set up an experiment and wait to get their results. Keep exploring the world using science and growing your own food!

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