Musics Heartbeat

Human Health and Behavior
Deva Schnarr

Georgina Matzkin

In my project I tested how music affects heart rate to see how different genres of music affect heart rate. I had participants listen to different genres of music while I tracked their heart rates. I found out that rock music causes heart rate to be higher and chill/lo-fi causes heart rate to be lower.

Project presentation

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4 thoughts on “Musics Heartbeat

  1. Great job on creating an experimental procedure that is easy to follow, concise and replicable! Having 10 participants and multiple genres of music creates a great range of data points that you were able to neatly demonstrate your hypothesis was correct!

  2. This well-executed and clearly presented study nicely demonstrates the impact of music on heart rates. Keep exploring the applications of such alternative medicines!

  3. I enjoyed reading through your presentation and your did some pretty good work here. I found it neat that in your conclusion section, you considered additional factors that may have influenced your results (party/ not at party). And I would like to encourage you to continue exploring and go back in and include these groups in your analysis to test to see if this was a factor or not 🔎

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