Grand Award

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Memory Boost?

Human Health and Behavior

Ann Caputo

Having a good memory seems like a good thing to help a person do well in school and life. We wondered if there was a way to improve our memories through exercise. Our class was split as to whether or not vigorous exercise or quiet, calm activity would help us remember items on a table better. We set up a table of 20 different objects and had two groups of students. One group jump roped, ran laps, and swung on swings for 10 minutes. The other group drew or colored quietly. Each group took turns viewing the memory table for 45 seconds and then writing as many as they could remember. The following day, the same students switched exercise/artistic groups and performed the same task. Unfortunately, there was no dominant result from either group. We determined that we would need to do several more trials to see whether there was any real difference.

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