Mealworm Meals

Animal Science
Nathan Wiedwald Aidan Scott

Michael Frank

This project is about how the diet of a mealworm will affect its metamorphosis into a darkling beetle. We fed the mealworms 5 different kinds of foods during this experiment: oats, watermelon flesh, watermelon rhine, apples, and oranges. We chose this project out of interest on whether or not diet could affect a mealworm's transitional phases. The overall result was that there was no significant difference between diets. This project is important because mealworms are used as food by many farmers, so learning about how to increase the size and nutritional value of mealworms would help them.

Project presentation

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Research paper

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One thought on “Mealworm Meals

  1. Your presentation was well written! I also appreciate the amount of thought and consideration you did before embarking on the experiment. This was thoroughly researched, and you seemed to have a pretty clear understanding of both the subject (mealworms) as well as your hypothesis.

    Well done! Keep up the good work, and scientific inquiry!

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