Grand Award

First Place

Marshmallow Flavored Gum

Food and Nutrition
Logan Benneyworth

Deborah Brooks

This project describes the process of engineering marshmallow flavored gum, a product that currently does not exist. The first challenge was to figure out the best homemade gum recipe. The next step was to add marshmallow flavor, and then we improved the design. All gums were tested by a panel of experts gum tasters, my family.

Project presentation

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Lab journal excerpts

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2 thoughts on “Marshmallow Flavored Gum

  1. Love this!!! If something you want doesn’t exist, figure out how to make it.

    Trying multiple processes and adjusting along the way (reducing the citric acid) is great. Don’t give up on this, some gum company may want your recipe once you perfect it!

  2. Loved your creative idea!! Thanks for including your journal notes! I wonder if “Frost” might have good advice for you on flavorings? They make an amazing toasted marshmallow gelato!

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