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Magnet Mania Which Magnet Gearbox is Best?!

Applied Technology
Aaron Eagar

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? My project is on a magnetic device that changes the speed of a turning object. Magnetic gearboxes have easy formulas for the speed ratio but I am testing on the strength each model has. Why did you choose this project? I had many options but I chose this project because my dad has a 3D printer so I thought it would be cool to use it somehow with my project and then my dad remembered one of his Youtube videos so now I have a Magnetic gearbox project What was your result/overall conclusion? I found that When you have A 12:4 magnet rateo you have the most strength between the magnets. This along with a handle ball bearings that fit and a place to have it holded you can have a powerful mag-gearbox Why is your project important? What do we use gearboxes for, Cars? Check! Fans? Check! Spaceships? Check! Now the gear boxes will be quiet, will work forever, and has lots of strength

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2 thoughts on “Magnet Mania Which Magnet Gearbox is Best?!

  1. Overall, this experiment was truly intriguing – what an incredible result showcasing the diverse array of variables extracted from your prototype testing. I particularly appreciated your utilization of advanced technology like the 3D printer, and your insights into its potential real-world applications. In sum, excellent work!

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