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Energy and Change
Cody Shunk

Debbie Fitzpatrick

My project is about the future of fuel and how we need to start using biofuels. I chose my project because of the environmental impact that modern fuels have. My project is important because our generation is most likely going to be using electric vehicles or use traditional gasoline which are both bad for the environment

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “LipiDiesel

  1. I really wish this had worked for you because it’s a very important topic. Good job documenting the whole process!

  2. Such a creative idea! Biodiesel is a fascinating area of research and I hope you will keep exploring creative ways to produce biofuels. Well done putting a lot of time and effort into a project and learning about what will not work so you can focus on new ideas to try! This happens so often in science and engineering.

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