Light Em Up

Applied Technology
Sophie Martonosi

Christina Large

The Light Em Up phone charger is a light night charger. When you plug in your phone it will charge it for you. Along with charging your phone, it will be a night light for you so you can have a non-scary sleeping experience. Plus, you will be able to walk around at night, so you will not trip over anything, for your own safety. The Light Em Up phone charger has the distance of 20 feet away. This distance is bigger than most room sizes. You will be able to see all of your pictures and posters on your wall. If I had to build this again I would change a couple of things. The first thing I would change is, I would run the charger wire through the same hole as all the other wires. Second, I would also sand and paint the stand. Third, I would find a new button switch that activates easier. Finally, I would have added many different colors for some added bling! All in all, I really enjoyed this project because, I love my phone and having sleepovers with my friends.

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