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Life Quality on the Line: Testing the Dissolution of Generic Glucocorticoid Steroids Used by Patients with Adrenal Insufficiency

Human Health and Behavior
Alexis Batres

Vicki Peterson

In response to what I had noticed about my bloodwork and some negative side effects that many patients had with the same medication taken, I tested Greenstone and Strides hydrocortisone tablets to determine which brand had the least dissolution. To simulate the way medications are absorbed by the stomach, artificial gastric juice was used to test the dissolution rate of each brand of hydrocortisone tablet. The experiment measured the amount of the hydrocortisone tablets that dissolved in the artificial stomach acid.

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3 thoughts on “Life Quality on the Line? Testing the Absorption of Generic Glucocorticoid Steroids Used by Patients with Adrenal Insufficiency

  1. This is very interesting research with real world implications. I learned a lot from this presentation. Thank you and great work!

  2. It is so important that we have a connection to our research – a reason for doing what we do. I was so pleased to see that this project was meaningful to you due to your own personal health experiences. Another strength of this study is that you performed multiple trials and noted observations at set time intervals. Overall, a very good design.

  3. You are inspiration to many! You are the hope and future to the AI community. I have no doubt that one day your contributions to the medical field and your hard work will play an important role in the quality control of generic medications. You are making a difference in this world. Thank you for your advocating for all those affected by Adrenal Insufficiency! I am beyond proud of you.

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