Levels of Chemicals in Water Brands

Food and Nutrition
Riley Smith

Lisa Scott

I tested four different brands of water, to find out the different chemicals and how much of a chemical was added. I choose this project because I wanted to see how each brand of water is different. I wanted to see what makes each brand of water unique and which is the best for me and others to drink. From the results I got, the Fiji water was the best. When I say best I mean, the water meets the regular chemicals and their levels that is safe for human consumption. Each brand of water should have certain amounts of chemicals added, and if there is more or less, it could be unsafe to drink. This project is important because, we can learn ways to make our water better for consumption by humans and can continue to improve and learn how to make our water better.

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2 thoughts on “Levels of Chemicals in Water Brands

  1. Wow! This is a great project. I think that it is great that you did multiple trials to get more accurate data. That is the way to do science!

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