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Esther Chapman Memorial Award for Curiosity in Plant Sciences, Sonoran Desert Science Award, ASQ SARSEF Sponsored Award, WCG Best Female Project , Second Grade

Leaves Change Colors

Plants and the Environment
Gwendolyne Macias

Britt Dekoschak

I noticed that a tree at school had leaves with three different colors: green, yellow, and red. It made me wonder if leaves get more color when they changed or less color. I took samples of each color and separated the pigments in the leaves on a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and a blender. Then I compared the colors on the paper towels and learned that all of the leaves had all of the pigments, you just can’t see it when they’re green.

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Leaves Change Colors

  1. I absolutely love the process of separating the pigments using alcohol, a blender, and a paper towel. This seems like a great way to determine which pigments are in each color of leave. Great thought process and execution!

  2. Well done: clear process with good explanations. Excellent bibliography and chart page you did by yourself was especially well done.

  3. Great job creating a project based on something you observed in the world & wondered about

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