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WCG Best Female Project, First Grade

Learning About Echoes

Energy and Change
Wren Wright-Godwin

Amanda Young

I had questions about why something echoes or doesn’t. While my family could just talk about it, we decided instead to do some experiments to understand more about echoes. I learned a lot and had a great time doing it together with my family! This helped me understand more about echoes since I had been curious why they happened. We learned about bats on a field trip and how they have different shapes and sizes for their ears to help them hear what they eat. Learning about echoes helped me understand more about why bat ears are different. I have more questions about sound and waves that I would like to learn about.

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2 thoughts on “Learning About Echoes

  1. The various sizes of buckets and types of materials used for this project showed imagination and creativity. Science needs someone who thinks outside the box.
    Congratulations: Cathy and Shane

  2. Thank you for sharing. Echoes are amazing! I learned so much from this and want to know more! Keep up the great work!

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