Keep Stretching Safe

Human Health and Behavior
Morgan Friezen

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? My project is about keeping dancers and athletes safe while they stretch. Stretching is something that all dancers and athletes need to do before games, performances, and even practices. If a dancer or athlete doesn't stretch they can get even more hurt than stretching can. That is a big problem for all dancers and athletes. If a dancer or athlete gets hurt because of stretching then that can lead to very harsh injury. Why did you choose this project? I chose this project because dancers and athletes worldwide get hurt because of something they are supposed to do, and that's a problem. If dancers and athletes get hurt while stretching then keep going then they are more than likely going to end up getting really hurting themselves. What was your result/overall conclusion? My conclusion is that prototype 2 resulted in being the best for stretching safely.

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