Is Your Tarantula Happy In Its’ Enclosure?

Animal Science
Lydia Thompson

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? My project is about finding the correct set up for your tarantula to be able to thrive in its environment without being stressed. If your tarantula is stressed it will not eat as well and won't put as much webbing in the tank, but if the tarantula is calm and not stressed it will eat better,hide, and put more webbing in the enclosure. Why did you choose this project? To show people what the proper set up is for a Tarantula because people like to put the tarantula into an enclosure that is more aesthetically pleasing for their home or the area that the tarantula is in. When people would put their tarantula in a small over decorated enclosure the tarantula would be stressed out and not do as well. What was your result/overall conclusion? That the tarantula liked a more natural set up meaning it was less stressed and had more of an appetite and had more webs in the enclosure. While in the “aesthetic” enclosure the tarantula had less of an appetite and had less webbing in the enclosure compared to the other enclosure. Why is your project important? To show people the correct set up for tarantulas' stress levels to be lower. This project can show people the importance of having a set-up that will have the tarantula at a happier state. Some people choose the more aesthetic set-up, but the tarantula has a more stressed reaction and will have fewer hairs on its abdomen compared to if it has more hairs on its abdomen in the more Natural set-up.

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