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Is there relation between a banana peel and its flesh?

Food and Nutrition
Manuel Magallanes

Cristy Fuentes

Do the measures taken to reduce the amount of changes on a banana peel affect the inside or flesh of the banana? INTRODUCTION The reason bananas age is due to a process where bananas convert starch into sugars, giving them their soft texture and sweet taste. During this process, they produce ethylene gas, which causes fruits to ripen. It is a common belief that bananas expel this gas through their stem, whether this is true or not, we’ll find out soon. Low temperatures are proven to slow down the ripening process of all bananas, but temperatures produced by fridges may be too low for the bananas liking. Using this knowledge, I chose 3 measures against the ripening process: Stem covered in wax - Stem covered in plastic - A fridge Note that a project similar to this was performed by Parsley & Pumpkin Nutrition. However, I will be taking daily photos and using graphs This investigation is beneficial to people since if there is no difference between the effectiveness of each way to preserve bananas, they can choose which is the most convenient and live care free.

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2 thoughts on “Is there relation between a banana peel and its flesh?

  1. Very nice real world experiment. Lots of questions – which all good science does – but I think I will try a few things to make my bananas last longer. Good use of control and very good conclusions. Good work!

  2. I love the connection to your research and observations! I also love all the raw data you showed!

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