Ionic Plasma Thruster

Applied Technology
Armando Altamirano

Angela Johnson

My project is to build a homemade ionic thruster. I was curious about whether I could build one that could blow out a candle, and how far away it would work. I was able to blow out the candle up to 120 mm away. This type of technology is used by NASA for steering space vehicles in orbit.

Project presentation

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One thought on “Ionic Plasma Thruster

  1. Congratulations on your impressive project, young scientist! Your experiment on the homemade Ionic Plasma Thruster is not only creative but also showcases a keen interest in propulsion technology. It’s remarkable that you successfully designed and implemented an experiment to test the thruster’s capabilities, and your commitment to exploring its real-world applications is truly commendable.

    Your comprehensive approach, from background research to the experimental setup and data analysis, demonstrates a strong scientific method. The fact that you were able to blow out a candle from varying distances using your homemade ionic thruster is a testament to your understanding and application of the technology.

    Moreover, your awareness of NASA’s use of similar technology for spacecraft propulsion and the potential applications in aircraft propulsion highlights your forward-thinking approach. Keep nurturing your curiosity and passion for science and engineering; it’s young minds like yours that contribute to the advancement of technology.

    Continue experimenting, asking questions, and exploring the exciting possibilities that the world of science and engineering holds. Your enthusiasm is inspiring, and we look forward to seeing where your future experiments and projects take you. Great job, and keep up the fantastic work! 👏

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