Impacting Our Blood Pressure

Human Health and Behavior
Brandon Salazar Vu Nguyen Gael Suarez Velazquez

Angela Johnson

Our project measures blood pressure as the subject watches various sports, to see how it changes during the game. We noticed that our own blood pressure seems to go up when we get excited and wondered how watching soccer versus other sports would make a difference. We concluded that watching sports does make a difference, but that it isn't one sport more than any other. We can use the results to predict which sport someone likes best.

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Impacting Our Blood Pressure

  1. This was a fun experiment! Sometimes it’s surprising the results that we get in our experiments! Great job in your experimental design by trying not to introduce additional variables by having another person collect the data while the participant watches the game!

  2. The students’ discovery that individual preferences can determine changes in blood pressure while watching sports is an important one. Such considerations of individual differences not only broadens one’s perspective, subsequent experimental designs can accommodate those variables.

  3. Even though you ended up not supporting your hypothesis, it is great that you connected excitement, as indicated by bp & pulse, to the activity of watching sports in general.

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