Humectants and How It Affects Dry Skin

Cellular and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Paige Nanette Bullis Kayla Biagini

Michael Frank

Our project is about testing to see how much of an effect humectants have on the skin. We created our own skin substitute using a combination of gelatin and water. We put the gelatin into a mixture of hyaluronic acid powder (humectant) and water and let it sit for a day to test our hypothesis. We chose this project because we were curious about how much moisturizer should be put on and we wanted people to benefit from our experiments. Our overall conclusion from this experiment was that there is evidence that some amount of hyaluronic acid increases the moisture in the gelatin skin substitute. Our project is important because it can help people learn how much moisturizer should be put on.

Project presentation

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Research paper

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