Human Powered Energy

Applied Technology
Samantha Slaiwa

Angela Johnson

My project is about magnetic induction. I wondered if I could make a homemade version that would power a string of lights. I found that I had to use the right materials but then it did work. We use electricity for much of our world now, so ways to generate electricity are always important.

Project presentation

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One thought on “Human Powered Energy

  1. It’s impressive to see how you applied Faraday’s law to create a magnetic generator and achieved success in lighting up the LEDs. The adjustments you made, such as using larger neodymium magnets, showcase your problem-solving skills and determination to overcome challenges.

    Keep exploring and experimenting with scientific concepts. Your engagement with this project and the knowledge gained will undoubtedly contribute to your growth as a young scientist. Congratulations again on a successful and enlightening experiment! 🌟🔬

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