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How Shady

Plants and the Environment
Elijah Moe

Lara Huetter

This project revolves around the research and testing related to the technology, Agro Photovoltaics. Agro Photovoltaics is a process that consists of placing solar panels above crops to help save land capacity, reduce water waste, and provide shade for the plants growing underneath the solar panels. However this process can also sometimes have altercations in the crops’ production because of the shade it provides. Also, because Agro Photovoltaics is a relatively unstudied process that could have amazing opportunities, this project aims to further help discover the benefits of Agro Photovoltaics related to plant growth. This experiment focuses on aiding in the research of Agro Photovoltaics by studying how different plants react to it in Southern Arizona during winter months. After this, a conclusion can be crafted about if Agro Photovoltaics is actually beneficial to farmers where this experiment will take place. I will do this by growing different crops in a Agro Photovoltaic environment and a full sunlight environment. Then I will compare and contrast the results of each plant and their shaded counterpart to draw conclusions. I would like to do this project because I’ve never had a green thumb, but I would like to expand my knowledge of plants. The information gathered from this project will help society because it will save land space that is desperately needed in some places and help farmers come to a decision about whether to invest in Agro Photovoltaics. The end result of this experiment was extremely positive, yielding results that favored the plants grown underneath the solar panels. This showed that Agro Photovoltaics will be extremely beneficial towards farmers who need to save land capacity and don’t want to stunt their plants’ growth.

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