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Regional Stockholm Junior Water Prize

How Much Bacteria Is In The Water from FW's Animal Water and Students Water?

Mia Perez Gabriel Fernandez

Jessica Dietrich

We tested how much bacteria is in the water from Flowing Wells High School's animal water in the agriculture program and the student water from the water fountains (water bottle filling portion of the fountain). We used serial dilutions and CFU/mL to calculate the quantity of bacteria in the different samples.

Project presentation

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One thought on “How Much Bacteria Is In The Water from FW’s Animal Water and Students Water?

  1. This is an amazing study with a great amount of background research and rationale for this kind of work. This is essential work and a great contribution to the field of food safety. I really enjoyed looking over this study and all of the aspects that were put together. The results and data are put together and organized efficiently. Overall, amazing job with this study and keep up with this kind of work!

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