How I discovered the magic of number 37!

Physics and Astronomy
Jay Chandra

Isabel Santa Cruz

My project is about the properties of the number 37 and other prime numbers. A few years ago, I discovered the properties of the number 37, and other primes. My result was that 37x 3 x (1 digit number) is that digit repeated 3 times, for example, 37x3x7= 772, 7 is repeated 3 times. For example, 37 x 3 x7 = 777, 7 is repeated 3 times. My project is important, as it has engineering and cybersecurity applications.

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One thought on “How I discovered the magic of number 37!

  1. I love numbers too! I think you should start working on solving the new encryption solutions we will need when quantum computers come online. Our current encryption methods will have to change because these new, speedy computers will break the cryptology we currently use in no time. Keep exploring mathematics and cybersecurity! We need you to find solutions to problems like these.

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