How Hot Are These Humid Hothouses?

Plants and the Environment
Smayan Mohan

Tracy Smith

My project is about measuring the temperature and humidity for a greenhouse during different times of the day. Because i thought it would be an interesting topic to experiment on. my result was that the temperature was mostly hotter during 5:00 PM but sometimes it was hotter during 7:00 AM. My project is important because farmers could know what plants they could keep in a greenhouse at different times, or when the plants might need a bit of care.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “How Hot Are These Humid Hothouses?

  1. Great you are interested in green house growing and know the environment in a green house is an important factor in knowing what sorts of plants will grow in that controlled environment.

  2. This is an interesting project that addresses stable the conditions are within a greenhouse. It would be interesting to try to grow plants in your greenhouse and during different times of the year and temperatures to see how greenhouses affect plant responses to the different environmental conditions. I think this is a good start to answering some really interesting questions!

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