How Far Can Crunch Lab’s Rocket Revolver Shoot?

Physics and Astronomy
Yunde Chan

Karen Gram

After successfully finishing the last build box from Mark Rober's CrunchLabs Year-One all on his own and frequently bringing it out to play on every occasion he can find, this first grader wondered, how far would the rocket revolver he built shoot? It certainly did not shoot the same distance every time, especially on the soccer fields. What would make the rockets go farther, and consistently? Why not design a science experiment to find out! After immersing himself in Mark Rober's youtube videos and downloading his insights on projectile motion, rockets, and NASA, the student learned all about angles, wind resistance, and the unpredictability of testing projectile motions on earth! This first grader even learned to painstakingly instruct openAI’s Chat GPT4 to plot the graphs he wanted. Even though the communication took a lot of trial and error, it was worth it to produce a graph that google sheets cannot, with standard deviations and all! It was a wild ride, from designing, to executing, to analysis. But, from the looks of it, it’s going to be an even wilder ride going forward, with robotics, space-experimentations and beyond! Sponsors, anyone?

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