How does sugar react when it's placed in different substances at different temperatures?

Physics and Astronomy
Abdari Morales

Cristy Fuentes

The question that I’ve chosen for my project can help people figure out how to use household items that anyone has, to clean. Sugar has been used in many ways like cooking, and in body care, but it's also useful for cleaning since it has good absorbent properties. Some scientists have done research about sugar being an absorbent, but there's not many articles that help us understand how to use it to clean up messes.

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2 thoughts on “How does sugar react when it’s placed in different substances at different temperatures?

  1. Interesting experiment. Are you going to use this information for a future project?

  2. Interesting project. You are correct about sugar being used as a clean up agent. I have never heard about this before. Good idea for a continuing science project. Keep up the good work and continue your interest in science and chemistry of cleaners.

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