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How does salinity affect magnet strength?

Environmental Studies
Henry Gummerson

Elyse Wexler

Pollution in our ocean is an increasing problem around the world, from plastic filling the oceans, to being able to access to clean water, but there is not a lot of discussion about metals polluting our waters. Many researchers have used magnets and displayed magnets universal use. My experiment was to determine whether salinity could affect a magnet's ability to attract an oxidated and non-oxidated nail. The purpose of this was to determine whether researchers can remove metals from the ocean to help recycle more. By testing a rusted and non-rusted nail, we can determine how we can recover metals that have been dumped recently or been in the water for years on end. A clear bucket was filled with water and salt was added to imitate 4 different types of oceans; The Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea and the World Ocean, the control group was water without any salt. A cloth measuring tape was placed under the bucket to determine when the magnet attract the rusted/non-rusted nail. The rusted/non-rusted nail was placed in the bucket with a magnet, the magnet was pushed forward to record at what distance it would attract the rusted/non-rusted nail. The non-rusted nail had a greater distance of connection in all types of water tested compared to the rusted nail. With no current experiments known, future experiments in this field could allow scientist to discover a way to remove heavy metals, nails, screws, scrap metals and other objects from the water to give access to clean water to more around the world.

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