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How does music affect my heart rate and breathing rate?

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Ella Winter

Angie Baser

This project is looking at the affect of different genres and tempos of music on the student’s own basic vital signs while at rest.

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12 thoughts on “How does music affect my heart rate and breathing rate?

  1. I really liked this prototype, they put lots of information for a first grader! I really did enjoy reading this.. it made my day seeing how hard this first grader is working to get his/her prototype finished. Great job!!

  2. Very interesting topic. I like that you used different types of music to test your hypothesis and also measured both your breathing and your heartbeat. Great job.

  3. Great idea. I feel that you addressed all necessary points of the experiment. In the future I would use multiple test subjects of people with different tastes in music. Otherwise great job.

  4. This is really amazing work! I can’t believe this is from a first grader. It’s so well written and well thought out. Nice job!

  5. I really like how you tested the affects of more than 3 types of music on heart a heart beat, i think you’ll do great things with this research. Keep it up!!

  6. I really enjoyed your project! I’ve always wondered about this and I really enjoyed your metrhods and research! This is really important for everyone that enjoys music and I can’t wait to see what you make in the future!

  7. Love this project! Very cool to see the results and to see how music affects you! Hope you can keep doing inspirational and dominate the science scene with powerful work like this!

  8. The project was really nice and well planned out. I didn’t know that music and its genre could impact the human heart in the way that your project presented. Nice work.

  9. I really love the idea for this project. It’s always very interesting to see how music physically affects the human body.

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