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How does Hearing Something Compared to Seeing Something Affect a Person's Memory

Human Health and Behavior
Isabelle White Audrey Walter

Brett Batty

Our project is about a person's memory and which one, hearing or seeing is better for someones memory. We choose this project because we thought it should be useful for teachers to think of what to do for thier students. Our result was that people do better with visual rather than audio.

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3 thoughts on “How does Hearing Something Compared to Seeing Something Affect a Person’s Memory

  1. Great job on working with 40 participants and gathering all the data! Having that many participants and the thoughtfulness on picking out the tests shows your dedication for the project!

  2. This memory experiment has real-life consequences for our ability to retain information. The background research informed the well-designed and well-executed study, and the final analysis – the limitations and possible improvements – was on target.

  3. Nice job breaking down your results into distributions of scores and also with the comparison of these distributions between the learning approaches. I’d also like to point out that it was a great addition to include the step to read a book between learning and testing. It was a good approach to control for factors based on differences in individuals that may introduce bias to your results. (And great choice on the use of “The Monster at the end of this Book” 😎).

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