How does Gender Affect Lung Capacity

Human Health and Behavior
Avril McFadden Charlette Stremcha

Brett Batty

Our project is how gender affects lung capacity. We chose this project because we saw that when we were in gym class the girls would get tired and out of breath and the boys would continue to play and not be as tired as the girls. I wonder if the gender of the person affects how much volume they have in their lungs. The results that we collected was that the males had bigger lungs than the females and some of the females had the same volume as the males. The reasons that our project is important is because women have evolved differently from males and the test that we do now can help in the future to see differences and change of the females.

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3 thoughts on “How does Gender Affect Lung Capacity

  1. Great job creating an easy to follow procedure and a clear way to calculate the lung volume for your project!

  2. Your study was a good start in collecting evidence related to human health challenges. Keep exploring!

  3. It was really nice to see that you outlined the various considerations that may be influencing your study measurements (such as height, weight, and so on). This could be additional data to collect in future research that may provide further insights into your data. This, as well as taking a look into deep breathing techniques as you suggested. It is great to see that such a simple measuring device can allow you to explore a wide variety of research areas.

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