How Does Friction Apply to a Sword Cut?

Physics and Astronomy
Garner Dutcher

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? My project is about the friction in a sword cut. Well, I should say the time it takes to cut from the weak of the blade, to the hilt. My project is also about the physics of weight and friction when a sword cut is performed. Why did you choose this project? HEMA fencing is something that I enjoy on a personal level, and wanted to bring to the table for my science fair project. I also wanted a unique project that would stand out among all the others. What was your result/overall conclusion? The lighter the sword, the less friction is applied to a cut. Shorter swords also happen to have shorter times when a cut from weak to hilt is performed. Why is your project important? Lots of people are starting to do HEMA. So, lots of people are going to wonder: How does it work? Well, my project is an answer to that question.

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