How do different gum brands affect orthodontic devices and overall health?

Food and Nutrition
Cora Mitchell

Alexandria Vaughn

My project was about determining what was the safest gum brand to consume with braces or other orthodontic devices. I chose this project because I have recently acquired braces and at the time, was concerned about what the safest option to chew was without causing an emergency orthodontist appointment. I was also curious about what constant consumption of gum would do to your body. My conclusion for this project was that the brand Extra gum had the best results out of the six brands we tested. The brand also caused little to no negative side effects when testing. This project was important because I was able to find a specific gum brand that got caught in my braces the least amount of times and caused the least amount of pain or discomfort. The observations that I took and recorded helped me in finding a brand for me to chew while having braces without any risks of damage.

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  1. I love that you picked a topic that was personally relevant to you! Its also perfect that you made your presentation bubblegum pink!

  2. What a wonderful relevant idea. Very nicely done. I hope you didn’t have to chew all the gum in one sitting!

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