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Hot Wheels

Physics and Astronomy

Heather Tretta

We love to race cars! The faster and further the toy rolls the better! Students in our preschool are constantly building and designing ramps using blocks and other hard materials. They use these ramps to race cars, trains and anything that rolls. The preschoolers enjoy observing and recording whose toy goes the fastest and furthest. This fun activity inspired us to experiment with toy cars, strollers, a skateboard (using various weighted materials), and a ramp on our playground and in our cafeteria. We wondered which would go further: a skateboard with balanced weights or one without? We hypothesized that the skateboard with the most weight will travel the furthest.

Project presentation

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One thought on “Hot Wheels

  1. What a fun project and how cool to explore using a skateboard. I like how it looked like everyone was helping out with the data collection. I wonder what experiments these young scientists will think up next. Keep exploring the world, making observations, and collecting data!

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