Herbs Discovery Kingdom

Plants and the Environment
Aaheli Shil

Carmela Zega

Over winter break, I went to the Tucson Botanical Garden and saw lots of herbs and spices from different places. The smells were amazing! Some made me feel calm, and others made me hungry. When I got home, I watched videos about herbs, and one was super interesting. It was about Ayurveda, an old way of healing from India that goes way back to 5000 BC. I found out that even though there are around 400 spices used all over the world, only 70 are officially known. That made me think about how we don't use these cool herbs and spices as much in North America. So, for my research paper, I want to explore why we should use Ayurvedic and other ancient herbs and spices more in our everyday lives. I'm excited to find out all the cool things they can do for us!

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  1. What an incredible wealthy of knowledge in this presentation! I learned a TON by reading through your presentation and I would strongly encourage you to continue further into your research as we live in a place filled with great natural resources. Very nice research!

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