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Healthy eating at school (specifically snack)

Food and Nutrition
Natasha Jain

DeDe Alexander

A couple of years ago our school debated on if students should get a snack time or not. Teachers we worried kids would eat foods that were high in sugar and cause them to be hyper. Parents wanted kids to have a snack because they were hungry before lunch time. The principal allowed kids to have snacks but said it must be a quick snack and healthy. I want to see if in fact kids are bringing healthy snacks.

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One thought on “Healthy eating at school (specifically snack)

  1. The research you did in determining what a ‘healthy’ snack is was critical because not everyone agrees on the definition of what ‘healthy’ means.

    I love that you realized that not having the amount of sugar in your definition of a ‘healthy’ snack made the results show that you hypothesis was incorrect and redoing the experiment with sugar as a measure would be needed.

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