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Hard Cases Suck!

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Dominic DeWitt

Kelly McGarity

Hard cases suck! For a musical instrument's case there are two options a hard case (which have to be carried by hard uncomfortable handles) or a cloth bag (also known as Gig Bags), the majority of people have hard cases which is the wiser decision. However while hard cases provide the most protection for a instrument (which are more than commonly fragile) they are a pain to carry especially for long distances by hand, not only that but the majority of users of hard cases are children who carry these cases back and forth between school. Some children have to carry these cases on bicycles on their way to school or carry these cases all the way from home to school! So because of this I am going to be designing a type of harness that can attach to multiple types of Hard cases for instruments like Trombones, Saxophones, and Trumpets.

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