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Hairytale Shampoo

Julia Watson Isabella Alvarez

Jessa Sandoval

This experiment was chosen to determine whether homemade shampoo would be more effective at cleaning hair than store-bought shampoo. Can homemade shampoo make hair cleaner than store-bought shampoo? If hair is washed with store-bought shampoo, then the hair will be more clean than when washed with homemade shampoos. For this experiment, homemade shampoo is made and used to wash oil-soaked wool yarn to test what type of shampoo removed the most of the artificial sebum. The store-bought shampoo removed more sebum than the handmade coconut milk and aloe vera shampoos. In conclusion, the hypothesis was supported, which means that store-bought shampoo cleans hair better than homemade shampoo.

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2 thoughts on “Hairytale Shampoo

  1. What a fun and practical project! I enjoyed reading about your scientific discovery.

  2. Very thorough research methods! Soaking yarn in artificial sebum seems like a great way to mimic natural hair and oil production. Very well organized.

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