Grand Award

First Place

Growing a Bridge Out of Mycelium

Environmental Studies

Lucio Sanchez

The experiment we performed was “Mycelium put to the Test.” Our objective was to test out the endurance of a bridge made out of mycelium. The main reason for carrying out our research in this project was because we wanted to work with mushrooms. We first thought about growing mushrooms and testing how different substrates were going to affect the growth of mushrooms. However, we opted for a similar project but with a slight change. How much damage can a bridge out of mycelium sustain before being broken down by the weight placed upon it and by lighting it on fire? Our hypothesis was: if the bridge catches on fire for 30 seconds or has less than 15 pounds on it, then it will sustain its structure and not collapse. While doing research on mycelium for the project, we learned that mycelium is biodegradable, fire resistant, and is starting to be used in medicine.

Project presentation

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