Greywater vs. Plants

Plants and the Environment
Max Landon

David Ficke

The concept of giving batches of common plants increasingly contaminated batches of greywater is one I like immensely. A successful experiment in this area would prove that people in impoverished areas would be able to reuse water for another important purpose after being used to shower or wash dishes. It would mean a revolutionary lifestyle change for many people around the world. My experiment specifically targeted common petunias, as I figured they would be a good generalized plant to study, and how much greywater was needed to induce negative effects. As it turned out, after I had three plants each receiving regular water, and low, medium, and high amounts of greywater there weren’t really any noticeable changes in the plant’s growth or appearance. This indicates that you can in fact use greywater (if not contaminated to an absurd degree) to water plants successfully over a short period of time.

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  1. Your background information is well researched and supports your research question very well! Great work!

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