Grand Award

Third Place

Gravitational Games

Physics and Astronomy
Orion Venema

Marisa Kleiman

In this experiment I will be testing the accuracy of gravity in 3 different simulations: Minecraft, Bonelab, and Blender and comparing it to gravity in the real world. Three different video games were chosen, and the same object dropped in all of them, this was timed. I believe that gravity is most closely simulated by Blender because it has physics capabilities that are extremely similar to real-life. My hypothesis was partially correct. I suspect there was scaling issues because it was almost exactly half of real-life.

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Gravitational Games

  1. Awesome experiment that combines both of your interests with great results.

  2. I love this project! Such a clever use of existing software (games) to test real life physics. It would be cool to see even more physics experiments done this way.

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