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First Place

Go, Botley, Go!

Applied Technology

Charlene DeWitt

Based on our explorations, we know that Botley moves at a constant rate. We also have investigated forces of motion & understand that gravity and friction can affect the speed of an object.We would like to see if we can use what we have learned about Force & Motion to affect Botley’s speed. (either by making him go slower or faster)

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3 thoughts on “Go, Botley, Go!

  1. Wow what a great class project. All elements of a good science project are there.

  2. This project is very well put together. I am so amazed that 1st graders came up with such great observations and comments. Great job!!

  3. Wow! First grade class you did SO well in your science! You showed great thinking, coding, and building! Keep up the good work!

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