Glowing With Bacteria

Liliana Rodriguez Dariana Velazquez

Jessica Dietrich

The world of skincare. So Broad. Wide. Accessible. But limited to the majority of people. Specifically, talking about teens. The access to skincare varies family to family in the U.S. and most skincare lines do not take that into consideration because the products that teens with acne require, are not easily accessible. But the products that are easiest to purchase and find, are being used constantly by this audience but not for the reasons they need. To help with their acne. We tested the most commonly used products in the US and one international product for effectiveness in eliminating skincare bacteria through antibiotic resistance testing. We had 5 trials, using 5 different teen face samples from around our school campus and out of the 5 trials, only one product was the most successful the majority of times. Which was the international product, R.E.D. Blemish Mist. What we can conclude from that is that it was the most effective because it contains ingredients to help with acne specifically. While the other 4 products are only cleansers that help with moisturizing the face. Which teens are not aware of but it is only what is most accessible for them.

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