Global Warming, Are plants the answer to saving our planet?

Plants and the Environment
Lucas Vincenzo Temoni

Elena Armendariz

Global warming, do plants affects the level of carbon dioxide to reduce global warming? I was thinking which one is the biggest problem that potentially destroy our world. I proved my hypothesis that highly efficient plants can absorb more carbon dioxide to reduce global warming. It is easily replicable in the community and can positively impact the health of our environment.

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2 thoughts on “Global Warming, Are plants the answer to saving our planet?

  1. This is an informative experiment and your point regarding future work is good. I imagine that the question of which plants to plant to optimize carbon sequestration in various climatic regions is one that has many variables (ie. sunlight, soil types, annual moisture content, seasonal diurnal temperature change, etc.) You have embarked on a commendable journey.

  2. Very nicely done and a very important topic. i think your idea of adding native plants is a good one.

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