Getting Rid of Soda Foam

Food and Nutrition
Beckett Jensen

Lara Huetter

Getting rid of soda foam. My project is about getting rid of the soda foam that builds when you pour a can of soda into a glass. I chose this project because I find it very annoying when I try to pour a glass of soda, but then I have to wait for the foam to go away before I continue pouring. In the end my project didn’t end up working, but I ended up finding out that oil will make the soda foam dissipate in mere seconds. If this project has worked it could have improved soda dispensers and got rid of a common annoyance.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Soda Foam

  1. Nice work! I thought the blueprints, prototypes, and construction were impressive!

  2. Its a really interesting project and your presentation is well developed! I’m so thrilled to see your proto types and your results. May be you can find different ways to reduce the foam and update your proto type. One thing to keep in mind is pouring the liquid a short distance to the side of the glass and letting if flow down the glass less carbonated gas is released and so less foam.

    good luck!

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