From Tweets to Heartbeats

Human Health and Behavior
Camila Abbott

Juli Daley

Does your heart rate increase when you’re on your phone? The purpose of this question is to better understand physiological effects of social media exposure. I chose this project because people are using their smartphones more than ever and I wondered if it could affect your help. My results were that heart rates go up and down during the experiment. My project is important because people can learn how their heart is affected by their phone.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “From Tweets to Heartbeats

  1. A very timely topic! Good for you for testing various activities possible on a phone – are you also curious about the effects of talking or texting? Or whether reading or watching or playing a game have similar effects if done on a tablet or computer? Or is there just something about the phone?

    I hope you continue testing the effects of engaging with electronics on our bodies!

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