Finding the Perfect Pesticide

Plant Science
Alicia Mikaela Stalnaker

Anita Metcalfe

The purpose of the project is to determine which of the most popular pesticides works the best at keeping away pests. My project answers the question, Which pesticide is the most effect? I applied 4 different pesticides to 25 lettuce plants to see which one applied to a plant reduces pest activity the most.

Project presentation

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Research paper

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3 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Pesticide

  1. Great job! I liked that you included pictures of your experimental setup. Looking forward to see what you will do next year!

  2. Very interesting! It would be interesting to see more Pesticides in terms of different brands and how they compare. Maybe something to test in the future?

  3. Good job! Another point to note is how long your experiment was run for (1 week, 2 weeks, etc.) and whether or not the pesticide was reapplied at all during that time.

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